17 November, 2021

Black Lives Matter to Whom?

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“Black lives matter” — you’ve heard that slogan a million times by now.

But, “Black lives matter” to whom, exactly?

In America — and indeed in the entire West — slavery has been banned for over a century. But in Africa, slavery still exists in at least 5 countries (Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger and Sudan). That’s Black-on-Black slavery, of course.

And in Chicago, Blacks kill other Blacks in wholesale numbers (usually with handguns that were stolen from White people). On some weekends in Chicago, Blacks shoot 100 other Blacks in the negro neighborhoods. In one weekend! [1].

Black lives matter? Really? Not to most Blacks (unless they are shot by a White cop! Then suddenly, Black lives really, really matter!).

As someone said: “if Black lives really mattered, it would be self-evident — you wouldn’t have to say it publicly.”

News quote: “Kyle Rittenhouse Supporters and BLM Protesters Clash Outside Courthouse Ahead of Verdict”



[1] some actual Chicago shooting statistics:
“50 shot, 10 fatally, in weekend gun violence” (Nov. 8, 2021);
“53 people hurt and 5 killed in Chicago shootings this weekend” (Sept. 6, 2021)
“16 dead, 47 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings” (June 29, 2020)

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