29 November, 2021

Book Excerpt: the Story of Anastasio Somoza

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(Above: Anastasio Somoza Debayle, who was at least half-White on his mother’s side; his father appeared to be largely-White, i.e., Spaniard)

An anti-communist, Nicaraguan leader Somoza (1925-1980) was a loyal ally of America and of freedom.

Yet America (under Jimmy Carter’s horrible leftist “leadership”) did nothing to help Somoza while the communists raped and murdered Nicaragua in 1979. Even worse than that, at every turn, America blocked Somoza’s many attempts to defend Nicaragua against the communists. America does that a lot: we betray our friends. Trivia: Somoza graduated from West Point military academy in New York in 1946.

Sadly, shortly after America betrayed Somoza, he was assassinated by communists while living in exile in Paraguay; his murder was planned by Fidel Castro — of course! Ironically, America was also largely responsible for Somoza’s death since President Carter denied him political asylum in the U.S., where he would have been much safer. What a jerk Carter was. Like Pinochet, Somoza was hated by leftists throughout the world (after his death, his family members, living abroad, had to change their names for safety reasons); and like Pinochet, the lies surrounding Somoza’s rule are thick and heavy; but you can judge a ruler by how hated he is by the global Left, and judging by that hatred, Somoza was a saint.

[Book excerpts from “Nicaragua Betrayed” (1980)].

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