29 November, 2021

Covid: Most of All, It Is About Controlling You With Health Passports

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(Related: News headline, Nov. 26, 2021: “Slovenia: Drivers must present COVID certificate in order to refuel cars”; this means that the unvaxxed citizen cannot get gas without a “health passport.” This is pure Marxist control. It’s Soviet thuggery).


“The most salient feature of totalitarianism is control of movement, which entails tracking each citizen. Before the internet era, this could only be achieved roughly.”

“For the state, the whole point of tracking is to reward or punish, mostly the latter. In the past, you’d be invited to the police station, or just dragged off the street. Now, punishment can be much tidier, and instant, even for the tiniest sin. That’s where the vaccine, green, access or health passport comes in.”

“To prevent such scenarios, we must reject the newly-introduced right-to-live pass. Worse than Soviet-era internal passports, it can prevent us from buying even a cheeseburger. As with the jab that’s designed to sicken, disable, sterilize or kill, it’s not about our wellbeing. No pass, no entry means we’re constantly at their mercy.”


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