2 November, 2021

More Pierce

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I have had a realization: I have very much neglected Dr. Pierce lately. But I will correct that mistake.

He is our philosophical leader. As such, we must “keep him alive” just as Christians “keep Jesus alive.”

“The greatest calamity that has befallen our race in modern times was the Second World War. This suicidal conflict led us directly to the racial and moral chaos that is consuming the West today.”

— Dr. William L. Pierce, National Vanguard Books Catalog Number 19, June 2000, page 4.

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  7. One Response to “More Pierce”

    1. Luke Says:

      I agree fully on the essential need to keep Dr. Pierce’s work alive and so much of it remains 100 percent pertinent to the racial and cultural chaos that is accelerating at a speed that would have been nearly incomprehensible as recently as the year Dr. Pierce died.

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