30 November, 2021

Oh, That is Very Funny

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“I am a liberal and liberalism is the politics of kindness” — liberal author Garrison Keillor.

“Kindness”??? I guess it all depends on how you define “kindness.” Taking money from a White guy and giving it to a Black inner-city thug (who hates White people) isn’t my idea of “kindness.” Destroying safe, White nations with millions of violent, third-world immigrants isn’t my idea of “kindness” either. Is forcing us to pay big money for gasoline “kindness”? (Under Donald Trump’s rule, gas was cheap).

These people (liberals) are the ones who try to control everyone from cradle to grave (just look at California or Massachusetts), who try to force kids (who aren’t at risk from Covid) to get Covid-vaxxed, who seem to just love the Covid lockdowns, who tell us that we can’t own guns, who told us that Blacks with IQs of 85 (normal IQ is 100) are “equal” to Whites so we must hire them (in fact, they made such hiring of Blacks a federal mandate in 1964: it’s called “Affirmative Action”), etc. They called Trump a “Nazi” when he isn’t even close to being a Nazi. That’s “kindness”?? (A liberal once called me a “racist” when I told him the truth: that a Mexican stole my bicycle. Which was true. I saw him steal it and ride away on it. Merely mentioning his race was “racism”).

I’d like to meet the guy who started the bold, amazing lie circa 1966 that liberals are “kind, sweet, peaceful, tolerant pacifists who wear flowers in their hair.” Bullshit! Never met one of those. Ever. Trivia: most political violence in the world comes from the Left, not from the Right (e.g., the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Cambodia, antifa, and Kyle Rittenhouse’s attackers in Wisconsin).

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