17 November, 2021

Oh, This Is Cute, or, a Nicaragua Redux

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Suddenly, the “Biden administration” cares deeply about democracy, civil liberties, honest elections, and so forth. Suddenly! Overnight! That was a quick change! What about our civil liberties? Hmmm?

Daniel Ortega is a Nicaraguan, Marxist leader who tried, but failed, to re-invent himself as a moderate socialist.

(America had a great chance to defeat Marxism in Nicaragua, and Central America, but blew it. Actually, it was the Democrats who blew it by canceling U.S. aid to Nicaragua in 1979, which led to Marxists coming to power there. You can always count on Democrats to do the wrong thing. Later, president Reagan tried to help the Contras, but he failed in the end. If you say “but we had no right to fund the Contras, or anyone else” then guess again, my fine-feathered too-isolationist friend: the Soviet Union was funding and arming the Sandalistas, er, the Sandinistas, so we had every right, indeed, a duty, to fund and arm the Contras in response, who were anti-communists. Actually, the whole Nicaragua mess came from the Democrats: our president Jimmy “Mr. Nice Guy” Carter did nothing as leftist terrorists brought down America’s longtime friend, Anastasio Somoza, in 1979. Somoza aided America numerous times, so as a “thank-you” we watched the red jackals take him down, without lifting a finger to help him — how very typical. What a creep Carter was) [1].

News quote: “President Joe Biden this week announced that Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and officials in his government are restricted from entering the United States due to “the suppression of human rights and democracy,” in the country.”



[1] In September 1979, President Carter hosted Nicaraguan communist leader Ortega at the White House. Why? Good question. Additionally, Ortega genocided the Miskito Indians in Nicaragua, but strangely, the liberals never complain about that. Why not? Another good question. Liberals seem to ignore genocide unless it’s a rightist doing it and then they scream bloody murder.

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