3 November, 2021

On Covid Face Masks

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It’s pretty clever of the powers-that-be to still mandate the wearing of face masks now, at this late stage of Covid-19 (Nov. 2021; e.g., in Wyoming, public schools still mandate face mask-wearing).

Face masks create a psychological “wall” between citizens. You can’t read anyone’s facial expressions. The social atmosphere is therefore impersonal, cold, cattle-like. There’s no real socialization.

But that’s the whole point. Turn everyone into cattle. Or sheep.

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  7. One Response to “On Covid Face Masks”

    1. Pierre Says:

      The mask is there to remind us there’s a pandemic and that our lives are in danger, no one would believe it otherwise. It’s an indirect way to keep us on our toes. And it really works, Most people are dead scared of you if you remove or lower your mask in their presence. I tried it, I know, even though I have a doctor’s note exempting me from the mask. Some places like hospitals respect my note but most places don’t. The employees are the first ones to come down on you screaming and threatening you. They are genuinely petrified so I keep it on out of respect. I lower it to breath when no one is looking. Two years of around the clock propaganda has taken its toll. People are completely brainwashed. It can go on for years now that they are primed.

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