17 November, 2021

Postmodernist Philosophy Is Killing the West

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Postmodernist philosophy is very dangerous, yet it’s found in every college today. Your son or daughter is being brainwashed right now by some idiot who is “high on Derrida and Foucault.” Postmodernist philosophy is merely updated Marxism. Some people call it “postMarxism.” I have called it “Marxism on LSD” for a reason: it denies reality. If you believe in postmodernism, you’re a nutjob. Rubber room time. “Thorazine, Room 23, stat!” [1].

“CRT is one of many theories — including Critical Legal Theory, Intersectionality, de-constructionism, Gender Theory, etc. — that have their roots deep in postmodern thinking that started in the mid 1900’s. Postmodern thinking has become increasingly dominant in academia — especially the humanities.

At its core, postmodern thinking says that there are no facts, no objective truth, and no objective morality. It explicitly rejects logic, and the idea that there is meaning or purpose in life.

Everything is subjective, a matter of perspective, opinion.”



[1] The main feature of postmodernism is social constructionism, which says: “almost everything in society is a man-made social construct.” It’s artificial, in other words. Forced upon society by evil White men. Although it’s not entirely Jewish (it has a few gentile nutjobs such as the homosexual child-molester Michel Foucault), you can call social constructionism “at least 90% Jewish in origin, maybe even 95%”. So ultimately, the core of postmodern philosophy is Jewish.

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