16 November, 2021

Q: Why the Push to Vaxx Everyone? A: Damage Control and More

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The Covid-19 vaccine control group (i.e., the unvaxxed) is a legal and political threat, so the Covidians want to wipe out the threat [1]. It would be pretty embarrassing for the Covidians if all (or most) of the vaxxed get sick, but all of the unvaxxed remain healthy. Oy veh! Explain that one!

Many of the Covidians in the West actually know that they made a huge mistake in getting the Covid vaxx themselves, and misery and fear need company. They know that horrible things may await them in a few years, health-wise (e.g., one vaccine expert predicted that some people may develop AIDS).

“In fact, imagine that we could easily determine that a large number of the unvaccinated are not hospitalized at all and that most of the hospitalized are, in fact, older and unhealthier vaccinated people who were more predisposed to harm from COVID anyway.

What would that mean? Would it mean that vaccination didn’t make people as safe as they were promised by the government, the media, corporations, or the public health intelligentsia?

At the very least, it would mean that. And right now, we should not be stupid enough to imagine that what is taking place is anything less than damage control by our political tormentors who are desperate to hide the evidence of their lies to the American people. If the Biden administration can get nearer to 95-percent of Americans to be vaccinated at any cost, even at the cost of an executive edict that contradicts every foundational principle that the Constitution exists to protect, it is worth it for them.”



[1] As I wrote earlier: “Whenever a company tests a new drug, it uses two groups of people. Group A (the experimental group) takes the real drug. Group B (the control group) takes a placebo (a fake drug, e.g., a sugar pill). Neither group knows whether it is getting the real drug or a placebo. After the testing is completed, the two groups are compared. Right now in America, the unvaccinated people are the control group. We’re the normal people. But the government and the Big Pharmas don’t want a control group. They don’t want two groups of people comparing notes about the Covid vaccines, both now and five years from now. If everyone is vaccinated, then there is no control group.”

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