25 November, 2021

Revisiting the Theory That Blacks are of a Different Species Than Whites

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Not long ago, I read an article that suggested that negroes are of a different species than Whites. When you read the article, it makes some very interesting points [1][2].

This guy Bassou was, I think, a “missing link” and was further evidence that negroes are a more-primitive mammal than Whites. We’re talking “different species” here: Blacks could be considered “different enough” to be a separate species.

“Scientists who saw him (Bassou) compared his skull with the remains of Neanderthals and were amazed at their similarity.”



[1] “Why then are Blacks considered human? Why are Blacks and non-Blacks considered part of the same species? We could not look more different, act more different, or have more different personalities than them. There is a vast genetic divergence between Blacks and non-Blacks dating back 100,000 years. And even though Blacks and non-Blacks can have fertile offspring, biologically that has never been used as the exclusive standard for whether you belong to the same species or not.” — from the first article.

[2] if the field of anthropology hadn’t been taken over by frauds circa 1925 (e.g., Jewish frauds such as Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, Melville Herskovits and Gene Weltfish), it’s quite possible that negroes would have been classified as being a separate species. Boas changed anthropology from being physical-oriented to being cultural-oriented. Clever. This allowed him, and his many followers, to deny or downplay racial traits/features.

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