24 November, 2021

Save Your Kid in One Hour Per Day

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Why would you allow your kid to go to a public school? He’ll be brainwashed with leftist bullshit every day. You know he will.

One hour per day: that’s all it takes to homeschool your kid. One hour per day!

Get some good books and you can easily teach your kid all that he needs to know, like this:

Mon. = math, teach him for 1 hour
Tues. = geography and history, ditto, 1 hour
Wed. = reading, ditto, 1 hour
Thurs. = science, ditto (simple stuff)
Fri. = writing/spelling, ditto

You could even toss in some foreign languages, like 2 French words each week. Have him memorize the words and their meanings and repeat them back to you. Teach by rote: repeat, repeat, repeat. That’s how you learned math, remember? Heck, we were forced by the teacher to memorize “multiplication tables” until we were almost comatose, but it worked! “7 X 7 = 49” said 486 times actually works. Too bad the teacher didn’t force us to say, “Karl Marx was an evil Jew!” 486 times.

News quote: “Fairfax County, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C., has decided to return two previously banned homosexual pornographic books to its public high school library shelves after deciding the sexually explicit books were ‘valuable’ for reaching ‘marginalized youth.’”


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