26 November, 2021

Surprise! Right On Schedule: Another Covid Variant Is Found

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You knew that the sneaky Covidians would “discover” another Covid-19 “variant” around the time of Thanksgiving, and…yep! It’s here! It’s called the “Botswana ‘Nu’ variant.” It’s just in time for use as an excuse to go back to lockdowns and increase the “jabs” among the right-wing holdouts. Like the “Delta variant,” this new variant is no doubt caused by the “vaccines” themselves — see “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” (ADE) [1]. But this one is sort of a surprise: I had thought they’d keep giving the variants Greek names: Alpha, Delta, Gamma, etc. (Update: “Nu” is Greek as well).



[1] of course, if you do a web search for “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” you’ll only find tons of left-wing baloney about how ADE is not-not-not happening re: Covid-19. ADE causes the mutation and strengthening of Covid-19, and experts warned about the dangers of mass vaccinations early on.

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