23 November, 2021

Taking a Page From the Liberals: Local Activism

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The liberals have a slogan: “think globally, act locally.” That’s a great slogan. You can often do the most good, politically speaking, by acting locally, because you can better keep an eye on things in your small area. Get involved with the local community, e.g., the city council, the PTA, etc. Get to know the people in your area: who’s involved with which political cause. Who’s a leftist, who’s a rightist, who’s a nationalist, etc. (It’ll be harder for the globalists to gain ground when dozens of local people are around to stymie their efforts) [1].

“The British government and the European Commission are committed to adopting this insane agenda in which working farmers are to be replaced by digitalised precision robots, as part of a so called Global Warming mitigation crusade. When properly analysed, this is revealed as a totalitarian programme for complete corporate and banking control of the food chain. A programme that is designed to eliminate the independent farmer.”



[1] thinking out loud: suit-and-tie corporate globalism and “we hate profits” communism lead to the same thing: a universal man, a human drone, a one-size-fits-all citizen, with no differences between Tom and Fred and Steve. You’d think those two ideologies would be opposites, but they’re so similar in outcomes; “corporate and banking control” or “Marxist control” — either way, Joe Citizen still ends up being a human ant, a worker bee, a robotic slave

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