17 November, 2021

The Coming of the New Elites

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“And indeed, great changes are coming. The twentieth century has been the democratic century, the era of egalitarianism, the age of the mass man. The next century — indeed, the next millennium — will be the era of the self-conscious elites. Which is not to say that everyone will be self-conscious or that everyone will belong to an elite. But the people who determine the course of events will. Of course, in a sense that has been the case in this century too. The Jews certainly are a self-conscious elite, and they certainly have had a dominant influence in this century, primarily through their control of the mass media. But they have had to keep their dominance concealed from most people. They have had to rule through deceit and subversion. In the next century the rule of the elites will be much more open. The pretense of democracy and equality will be dropped.”


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