8 November, 2021

The NWO Agenda: Why Announce It?

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Yes, there is a New World Order agenda [1]. A giant plan (by the elites) to globalize everything. Instead of having local and regional things, there will be only global things. One world, one people, one government, one currency, no borders, global police forces, global military forces, etc. We’ve seen the NWO plans slowly taking shape for years: the UN, NATO, UNESCO, WHO, etc.

But lately, the global elites are not at all shy about their NWO plans: why did the elites announce their plans to the public? Indeed, the elites have not even tried to hide the plans (the globalist David Rockefeller admitted to the plans in 2002). Many elites have announced the NWO plans in books and on websites (see Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset, for example). Why would they announce the plans to the public? Are they looking for blowback from the public, in order to react to that blowback? Are they sending up a “trial balloon” to gauge public opinion about the NWO? Why did they announce the plans?

[1] the New World Order agenda actually dates back to the League of Nations in 1920.

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