28 November, 2021

The Soviet Union, 1935? No, Australia 2021

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What’s the difference between Stalinism and Australianism? Very little difference. The Soviet Union ended in 1991.

A White woman was forcibly quarantined by the Australian government for 14 days due to Covid-19, a virus that is mild 97% of the time (unless you have underlying health issues, or have been vaxxed, and then it’s more severe).

This is Medical Marxism. In a democracy! Yaaaay, democrazy! Yaaaay, freedumb! Yaaaay, idiots voting for idiots! By the way, don’t think this couldn’t happen in America. After 2020/2021 and Joe Biden, anything is possible.

“But once at the facility, Hodgson said, she was informed that she would have to stay there for 14 days “no matter what” and that she “[had] no choice. So, I’m here against my will,” the woman said.”


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