27 November, 2021

Thoughts on Ted Nugent. What is His Agenda?

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In general, I like Ted Nugent. But sometimes I’m stumped by his comments. Is he aiming his politics at a certain audience? At the flag-waving, “Toby Keith” types? Or does Nugent believe exactly what he’s saying? Surely he has enough money so as not to be too concerned about being blacklisted by the PC crowd or by the Jews. Or not?

Nugent seems to hate Nazis, but he seems to like Jews and Blacks. And why is Nugent calling antifa “fascists” (see the 23-minute mark in the video below) when they are, in fact, communists (i.e., the opposite of fascists)?

But Nugent is basically right about Kyle Rittenhouse, recidivism, and when he suggests that America is the last free country on earth. If America falls, then heaven help us all. (Trivia: Nugent was, at one time, a cop. An actual, sworn, reserve member of, I think, a sheriff’s department).

Newbies (I usually focus on newbies; oldbies already know), let’s keep this simple: Fascism wants to preserve the West. The original fascist party in Italy was a reaction to Bolshevism [1]. But communism wants to destroy the West.

[Ted Nugent video, 42 minutes].


[1] To be clear, “fascism” in this post refers not to the type found in the confused, semi-leftist Fascio di Combattimento of 1919, but to the later, perfected version of it found in the Partito Nazionale Fascista (PNF; 1921-1943). Unlike communism, fascism actually works and it can allow a country to remain White — if the country wants to and if the leaders are capable, of course.

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