3 November, 2021

Thoughts on the Fourth of July

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(William Pierce Wednesday is back, and yes, long overdue)

by Dr. William Pierce.


“Or take the rights of women and children. Much of the war propaganda
produced by Roosevelt’s heavily Jewish Office of War Information — the
OWI — during the Second World War was designed to make Americans feel
morally superior to Germans and to feel justified in waging genocidal
war against them. I remember one very effective propaganda poster
produced by the OWI. It showed pretty, semi-nude girls with German
officers in a brothel. The legend on the poster was “Deliver us from
evil.” The idea it was promoting was that the Germans forced young women
in the countries occupied by their army to work as sex slaves in
military brothels.

This propaganda was totally false. Although the Japanese engaged in such
behavior, the Germans never did. The Germans’ behavior toward conquered
peoples, insofar as looting and rape were concerned, was more civilized
than that of any other participants in the war, including the Americans.”


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