5 December, 2021

Dr. William Pierce on Feminism

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Just like all of the Jewish-created “-isms” (communism, socialism, labor unionism), feminism pits “People A” against “People B” and makes them fight.

Today, men feel like they are “at war” with women. Like women “are not on their side.” Feminism divides the West into two separate camps [1].

“Feminism is destructive at several different levels. At the racial level it is destructive because it divides the race against itself, robbing us of racial solidarity and weakening us in the struggle for racial survival; and because it reduces the White birthrate, especially among educated women. It also undermines the family by taking women out of the home and leaving the raising of children to television and day-care centers.

At a personal or social level feminism does its damage by eroding the traditional relationship between men and women. That traditional relationship is not based on any assumption of equality or sameness. It’s not a symmetrical relationship, but rather a complementary one. It’s based on a sexual division of labor, with fundamentally different roles for men and women: men are the providers and the protectors, and women are the nurturers. Men bring home the bacon, and they guard the den; women nourish the children and tend the hearth.”



[1] today, serious arguments occur between husbands and wives that would not have occurred in 1955, ridiculous arguments over such things as “whose turn it is to vacuum the house.” In the old days, never did I see a man vacuum a house. Just like I never saw a woman fix a leaky faucet or scare away a prowler. Each sex had their own, unspoken “roles” to fulfill.

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