8 December, 2021

Globalism Prevents Wars? No, It Causes Wars

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President George Washington, the father of America, gave a speech when he retired in 1790. In that speech, he said the America should avoid foreign entanglements. Foreign conflicts.

Did America heed his wise advice? Of course not! Just the opposite: today, America gets into a new war every 12 years on average.

Globalism is American foreign policy today, and it has been for decades. Why is it American policy? Good question, because globalism sucks. It causes wars. Three examples: the 1991 Gulf War, the 2001 Afghanistan War, and the 2003 Iraq War. All of those wars were unnecessary. The American people didn’t benefit from those wars.

American politicians are supposed to work for the American people. They’re supposed to do things that benefit the American citizens. But they never do. Why not?

Currently, America may become involved in two new wars: in Ukraine and in Taiwan. But look on a map: both of those countries are nowhere near America. They are on the other side of the world! How would wars in Ukraine or Taiwan benefit Americans? Neither one would benefit us.

America needs to abandon the ridiculous policy of globalism once and for all. Globalism sucks. In fact, it kills.

Look at this current news headline: “Joe Biden, NATO Warned to Concede Nothing, Act Against Russia Before it Invades Ukraine.” Oh, that’s rich! NATO was created in 1949 to defend the West against Russia. Now, it may be used to fight Russia if Russia invades Ukraine! That’s ridiculous. Ukraine isn’t a Western country. NATO wasn’t created for such a thing! Importantly, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is a Jew and a former media boss [1].



[1] in circa 1940, the kings of globalism (i.e., Jews) decided that globalism was going to be the new foreign policy of every White Western nation, and they created two organizations to enforce that idea: the UN and NATO. The Jewish, U.S. State Department official Leo Pasvolsky (1893-1953) created the UN. Aside from Pasvolsky, approximately 60% of the “supplemental” UN founders were Marxist Jews, e.g., Harry Dexter White, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Victor Perlo, Irving Kaplan. From Chapter VII of the UN Charter sprang NATO. Globalism violates sovereignty. For example, the UN Security Council frequently violates the natural sovereignty of nations by creating “no fly zones” over certain countries (as if the UN owns the entire planet and can dictate airplane flights. As if!).

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