13 December, 2021

It Was, and Is, All About Trumpphobia

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A journalist said, about Trumpism: “It means destroying it, burning it to the ground” (in order to keep Liz Cheney-style neoconservatism alive).

Gee, that sounds rather extreme to me.

Everything even slightly political since circa mid-2017 has been all about Donald Trump and his 100 million populist followers. And not just in America. Even in Europe (e.g., Brexit, the Yellow Vests in France).

— Why are Black people in every TV commercial today? Trump and his followers.

— Why was the 2020 election stolen? Trump and his followers.

— Why do Jews and liberals have trouble sleeping at night even today? Trump and his followers.

— Why are Jews and liberals using extreme and cruel punishment on the January 6 protesters (some of whom have been in jail for nearly a year after being let into the Capitol building by security guards)? Trump and his followers.

Indeed, Jews are using the very same language today that they used when mentioning Adolf Hitler in 1938: “We must completely stop Trump and his followers!” “He and his followers cannot be allowed to get away with it!” etc., etc., etc. Same language. Same over-the-top paranoia.


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