18 December, 2021

More Proof That Covid Is Not About Health, But About Controlling the Citizens

Posted by Socrates in Covid as a control device, Covid as a cult, covid as a psyop, Covid Derangement Syndrome, Covid-19, Covid-19 as a scam, Covid-19 vaccines, Covid-stupid, Covidians at 4:52 pm | Permanent Link

Germany: the government is now threatening to imprison people who refuse to get “the Covid-19 jab.” This is very obviously not about “health.” You don’t imprison, or quarantine, healthy people. (It should not surprise anyone to learn that Bundestag member Gregor Gysi is part-Jewish. In the West, Jews have been the most vigorous in urging severe punishment for “vaxx refusers”; one Jew insisted that vaxx refusers be hunted down and forcibly vaxxed against their will).


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