17 December, 2021

Oh, There It Is!, or, Endless Vaccines Are Coming Soon

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You had a feeling that Covid-19 was merely a scam designed to “get the public used to life with endless, mandatory vaccines.” Well, your feeling was correct! That’s what it was!

“The scientific quest for a universal coronavirus vaccine received a boost Wednesday, as three top federal researchers, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, outlined a path to develop new vaccines that could tackle a variety of ailments including Covid-19, some common colds and future viruses.”

It’s a new world, Citizen. A world filled with endless jabs! Think the jabs will be optional? At first they will be. But then a year later, they’ll be mandatory: get the jab or you can’t work, or shop, or bank, or whatever they decide; Orwell’s “1984” is here! Yaaaaay! Grab yer party hats!


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