30 December, 2021

Online Book About Churchill and WWII, Outtakes

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From the book “Churchill’s War” by David Irving, 1987; [a .PDF file].

“But it was the Anti-Nazi Council, later known as the FOCUS, that would ensure Churchill’s political and financial survival.” (page 58 in paper book edition, page 77 in .PDF).

“The harmless-sounding A.N.C. (Anti-Nazi Council) had its roots in New York. The driving force was local attorney Samuel Untermeyer.” (same page; sic, the name is spelled Untermyer).

So, from 1936-onward, a powerful, wealthy Jew (Untermeyer) ensured that Churchill survived financially and politically! Churchill was indebted to a powerful, anti-Nazi Jew just before WWII began in 1939. Hmmm! No wonder Churchill, who was Jew-wise, nonetheless waged brutal war on Hitler’s Germany on behalf of the Jews. It has been said that “Hitler didn’t understand just how Jewed Britain was in 1939.” Yes, indeed. He didn’t really grasp how very “Jewed” Britain was.

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