4 December, 2021

The Collapsing of the Covid Vaccine Narrative

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“The United Kingdom will begin administering the fourth Covid shot today. This in less than one year! This is a sobering admission that the previous three shots failed to generate adequate protection against the Coronavirus.”

Four injections needed, within 1 year! Must be a real doozy of a vaccine. Yet, they still want to vaccinate the world! Something is clearly rotten in Denmark.

The big question is: how many vaxxed people will become ill later on from the vaxx? In, say, 3 years? 5 years? How many of them will develop: early Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, auto-immune diseases, etc.? This requires forward-thinking about your options, if you’ve had the jabs already.

And a thought: Covid-19 could spell the end of liberalism as we know it today. All of the Covidians are liberals (and Jews). All of the big jab-pushers and lockdown-ers are leftists. Normal people are going to take note of that.


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