9 December, 2021

The Nugget of Covid, Again: Creating a New Type of Citizen

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See the bold text:

“Public health and safety during a declared state of emergency has been the ideal opportunity to accelerate these rapid social changes. In the past two years we collectively enrolled as willing participants in massive social experiments — in the name of public health and safety — that we would never have accepted under ordinary conditions. Hence, “biosecurity.”

Yes, indeed. Under normal circumstances, American citizens would have totally rejected all of the Covid-19 baloney: the forced jabs, the endless lockdowns, the treating of unvaxxed citizens like lepers, etc. So, the “authorities” had to create a “health emergency” in order to usher in — in the words of Lenin — a new type of man: one who would allow the government to control his life from cradle to grave (for his own good, of course! Socialism/communism, in other words). But it didn’t work! Too many citizens are waking up and resisting. Like most leftist bullshit, it didn’t work because leftist ideas ignore human nature. Look at the Soviet Union, Cuba, etc. The former collapsed, and the latter is collapsing now.


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