30 December, 2021

Thoughts On Feminism for Newbies

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Question: if the feminists are right, and men and women are basically “the same” (except for their genitals), why do women have wombs? Obviously, the feminists are not right. They’re totally wrong. “Barefoot and pregnant” is a natural thing for women. But “working 9-to-5 at big corporate headquarters”? That’s not a natural thing for women.

The “yin and yang” situation of men and women complementing each other existed for centuries [1]. It worked. Feminism (read: Jewish-led, second-wave feminism) has largely killed the yin and yang situation. That’s one reason why the West is dying.

The bottom line: Men must act like men (i.e., lead/dominate) or women won’t revere them/lust after them; and in turn, women must act like women (i.e., be feminine and lady-like) or men won’t revere them/lust after them. Each sex must act like they “should act” and did act for centuries or each sex won’t revere the other sex. When that happens, society falls apart. Feminism cancels out normal male/female relations. Feminism queers the play, it sabotages the game. Feminism turns women into “short men with breasts.” When that happens, men no longer revere women, who are now seen by men as “tough sluts,” so men treat women accordingly, either avoiding them (i.e., MGTOW) or abusing them, or maybe a little of both. Again, both sexes must act like they “should act” and did act for centuries until modernity canceled out the natural “yin and yang” roles of men and women circa 1970 [2]. (Hat tip to many people, including Captain Nemo’s blog, see below).

(Furthermore, some people have said that it is solely the fault of men that women became feminists, because men are supposed to lead, culturally speaking. Others have said no, women bear some of the burden for that as well. Had men “put their feet down” and not tolerated emerging feminist ideas back in circa 1965, would our culture be in this feminized mess today? No. So that seems to be a logical conclusion, that it’s ultimately the fault of men. This guy suggests starting “a neo-patriarchy” movement, which is a good idea).


[1] the yin and yang concept: men are stronger in some areas of life (e.g., combat), while women are stronger in other areas of life (e.g., childcare). In the end, men and women don’t compete, they instead complement each other. Like a car needs both a brake and a clutch, so does humanity need both male and female talents.

[2] see Jewish feminist Betty Friedan’s book “The Feminine Mystique” (1963), which probably launched the modern feminist movement. Friedan (1921–2006) was probably the foremost feminist in the western world. “As a young girl, Friedan was active in both Marxist and Jewish circles” — Wikipedia, December 2021. Most second-wave feminist leaders were Jews.

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