27 December, 2021

Why Did All the Wars Happen? Globalism

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We talked about this in Political Science class: the reason there are wars today is because there is no isolationism anymore.

In other words, globalism is causing all the wars. Look at WWII: 47 “democracies” (known as The Allies) banded together against the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) over an unpopular country called Poland (that was the official excuse, at least). Had there been more isolationism, they wouldn’t have banded together to fight the Axis powers in a war that wasn’t theirs to fight. International pressure from Jewish bankers and plutocrats — such as Bernard Baruch and Samuel Untermyer — caused those countries to band together against the Axis powers. (Indeed, the Jewish rabbi Harry Waton admitted that the Jews “declared war” on Germany and not vice-versa) [1][2].

Globalism causes wars. Isolationism prevents wars.

America was pretty much isolationist until circa 1900. But today, it’s just the opposite: America goes looking for wars to fight! Yes. If America can’t find a war, it’ll make one! Yaaay, bloodlust and violence!

Globalism — all aspects of it — must be killed off. Isolationism must return. Each country must go its own way in the world. Each country must set its own policies and agendas without any outside interference from ridiculous international entities like the UN and NATO, which should not exist [3].

“Worse still, Washington’s great war machine and teeming national security industry is its own agent of self-perpetuation. When it is not invading, occupying and regime changing, its vast apparatus of internal policy bureaus and outside contractors, lobbies, think tanks and NGOs is busy generating reasons for new imperial ventures.”



[1] “When the Jews declared war against Nazi Germany and fascism, I saw that that was a suicidal policy, which would bring to the Jews infinite suffering. I spoke against that policy, but no attention was paid to it.” — from the Foreward of Waton’s book “A Program for the Jews and An Answer to All Anti-Semites” (New York; Astoria Press, 1939; 230 pages).

[2] Amusingly, the communist Soviet Union — which had already murdered many millions of its own citizens — was one of the “democratic” Allies! Peace and freedom, yaaaay! After WWII was over, the Allies gave the Soviet Union half of Europe to rape and murder — e.g., Poland, Hungary. Why did the “democratic” Allies give the Soviet Union half of Europe to rape and murder? Good question! Peace, freedom and human rights, yaaaay! Democracy for all!…or…for some…).

[3] Would it sound anti-Semitic if I mentioned that the UN was a Jewish construct, created by Jewish U.S. State Department official Leo Pasvolsky (1893-1953)? And, that NATO came from the UN Charter, so both are ultimately Jewish constructs? What? It would sound anti-Semitic? Oh. Okay, then. I won’t mention that.

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