14 December, 2021

With Covid, Nothing Makes Sense. Why Not?

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When Covid-19 came along circa February/March 2020, the Western media actually showed film footage of Chinese citizens falling down in the streets. Falling down due to Covid! It was like a sci-fi movie! But now, we never see such footage. Why not? Seems fishy.

Also, all of the cheap, useful drugs that can fight — and have already fought — Covid-19 are no longer available. Why not? Try to get those cheap drugs. You can’t find them anywhere. Seems fishy. It’s almost as if Jewish billionaires bought them all up, worldwide. Oops, heh-heh-heh, I mean…(looks at ceiling).

Furthermore, experts have said that “the standard Covid vaccines will work against Covid variants” as long as the variants are maybe 80% similar to the original Covid virus. So, why do the citizens need endless, special “booster shots” to “fight the Covid variants”? Seems fishy.

And now, the FDA wants to wait 75 years (!) to produce Covid vaccine technical information (it was 55 years but they changed it to 75). Why wait so long? Seems very fishy. Extremely fishy.

To quote the 1981 movie “Absence of Malice,” it’s time for the citizens to find out “what the good Christ is going on around here!”

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