24 January, 2022

A Good Point About Trannies

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Quote: “If Strangers Can Tell That You’re Trans, Then by Definition You’re Not Trans”

Yes, indeed. You haven’t “transformed into a woman” if a stranger knows that you’re just a guy wearing a dress.

How many powerful, Jewish media bosses did it take to install trannyism in the West from circa 2001 until now? I’m guessing 6 or 7, due to conglomeration (i.e., dozens of media companies owned and operated by just one corporate entity). All it took was lots of money and 24/7 brainwashing via the TV, the internet, magazines and newspapers. It’s remarkable how quickly trannyism was installed; today, trannies are seen by many people as harmless and even “normal.”

Regardless, the tranny movement is likely the most fraudulent movement in Western history. It requires that people deny biological reality (by the way, reality denial is part of Postmodernism, aka, postMarxism, which emerged circa 1960; it’s a type of critical theory: it attacks White logic, White reason, White rationalism, White science, and reality itself; one guy said that “postmodernist philosophy is like LSD without the chemicals” and that’s true. Indeed, it should be banned in the Western world, like LSD is; in fact, it’s not philosophy at all, it’s anti-philosophy; some people have said that postmodernism cannot be defined, and that’s kind of right; it’s a collection of nonsense that came largely, but not solely, from Jews [1]. Postmodernism says “there is no reality per se, because everyone has their own reality.” This is largely bullshit. If it rains on 100 people, all of them will say “it’s raining.” Postmodernist philosophy was created for one reason: to create uncertainty, confusion and social fragmentation in the White countries. And it worked! Now men can become women!).



[1] arguably, the most influential Postmodernist philosopher was the Jew, Jacques Derrida (1930-2004); the homosexual child-molester Michel Foucault (1926-1984) was also very influential.

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