23 January, 2022

All of the Democracies Are Working Against Russia

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All of the Jewish-controlled, “Western” democracies are making moves against Russia. They eventually want to “regime-change” Russia in order to make it “the America of the East” (e.g., Blacks, queers and Jews holding high positions in the government). Ever since the 1936-1937 Soviet purges, the Jews haven’t trusted Russia, so nobody else should either, say the Jews. The “Western” world believes that Russia isn’t “democratic” or “diverse” enough; Russia needs to be “Americanized.” This idea scares Russia, of course.

“Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Liz Truss reported on the development of relations with Ukraine and Poland in the context of countering the Russian threat. This was stated by Truss during a speech at the Lowy Institute on global threats to freedom, democracy and the rule of law, according to the press service of the British government.” (Truss is also “Minister for Women and Equalities” — that’s the government office of Cultural Marxism in the UK).


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