13 January, 2022

America is an Unfair, Racist Country, Always and Forever

Posted by Socrates in Blacks as a different species, Blacks as a failed race, Blacks as child-like, Blacks as worthless, Blacks in America, race, race baloney, race quota racket, race-baiting, racial hierarchy, racism, racism accusations at 5:56 pm | Permanent Link

Blacks in 1860: “America is an unfair, racist country!”

Blacks in 1960: “America is an unfair, racist country!”

Blacks in 2060: “America is an unfair, racist country!”

Blacks in 3060: “America is an unfair, racist country!”

Get the trend? As long as there are any White people in America, it will always be “an unfair, racist country!” How else can centuries of Black failure be explained? “Why aren’t Blacks rocket scientists? White racism!”


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