9 January, 2022

An Example of How Jews and Whites Are Not Compatible

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(Above: Gary Cooper, circa 1946).

Whites: Honest and decent, always trying to help others who might need help, regardless of who they are.
Jews: Not! They only help other Jews.

Actor Gary Cooper (1901-1961) was a great actor and a great human being. His major faults were being too damn nice and too damn naive.

“In 1951, while making High Noon, Cooper became friends with the film’s screenwriter, (Jewish communist) Carl Foreman, who had been a member of the Communist Party. When Foreman was subpoenaed by the House Un-American Activities Committee, Cooper put his career on the line to defend Foreman. When John Wayne and others threatened Cooper with blacklisting himself and the loss of his passport if he did not walk off the film, Cooper gave a statement to the press in support of Foreman, calling him “the finest kind of American.” — Wikipedia, Jan. 2022.

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