28 January, 2022

How Much Jewish DNA Poisons Your White Genes?

Posted by Socrates in Jewish DNA/racial make-up, Jewish genetics at 8:10 pm | Permanent Link

An interesting question: how much Jewish DNA must you have in order to be considered “too genetically tainted to be considered White”? If you have 1/4 Jewish DNA? If you have 1/8 Jewish DNA? Patrilineal vs. matrilineal is also important, because “Jewishness” is much more important on the female side of things. Orthodox Jewish religious law defines a Jew as: “a person born of a Jewish mother.”

“My wife’s father was an ashkenazi jew. He died when she was young but was by all accounts a loving, intelligent, and productive man who was not involved in stereotypically jewish politics or activism. My wife was not raised as a jew, though she is of course genetically 1/2 ashkenazi, and thus our children are, on average, genetically 1/4 ashkenazi.”


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  7. One Response to “How Much Jewish DNA Poisons Your White Genes?”

    1. DracoSentien Says:

      Nope, no Jewish DNA at all I’m basically a WASP , I guess. I have R1b Y-DNA that is found in Cornwall England, Ireland and Scotland, my MTDNA is H similar to Queen Victoria of Englands.

      I can model my autosomal DNA like so :

      Distance: 1.9624% / 0.01962356
      42.8 England_IA (England Iron Age)
      32.0 ISL_Viking_Age_Pre_Christian (Icelandic Germanic viking)
      25.2 SVK_Poprad_MA (Germanic Vandal invader of Slovakia Deutschendorf)

      or individually :

      Fit: 1.855

      Scandinavian Iron Age VK390 : 34.1%
      Germanic Visigoth I12163 : 27.6%
      Insular Celtic (Roman period) S14491 : 38.3%