30 January, 2022

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“The Anti-Humans” (1971); Jewish/communist terror in Romania (a .PDF file).

You have to ask: was America ever really “anti-communist”? We talked a good game, sure, but it was all talk. All hot air. All smoke but no fire. America could have liberated Cuba from communism within 3 days. Did we? Nope. We could have stopped Nicaragua from being communized in 1979. Did we? Nope. America’s friend Anastasio Somoza had to flee Nicaragua and even that didn’t save him (denied asylum in the U.S. by leftist President Carter, Somoza was murdered by communists in Paraguay in 1980. His “crime” according to the communists? Opposing Marxism and lifting Nicaragua out of poverty). We only went to Korea because the UN asked us to, in a fake “war” on communism which was all a political distraction for Harry Truman. America’s “anti-communism” was, in the end, merely big talk.

“The author of this book, a Romanian born in Greek territory, went to Romania for his university education and there became a member of the anti-Communist organization that flourished in that nation before and during the tragic and fratricidal Second World War. After the Bolshevik conquest of Romania, the Soviets, undoubtedly on orders from their masters, maintained a pretense that their occupation was merely temporary and further disguised their purposes by keeping on the throne as King of Romania the legitimate heir, a young man who was merely a puppet in their hands, but served to give to the people an illusive hope that Romania, though devastated and impoverished, might again become a free nation. In this hope, of course, the Romanians (like many other captive peoples) were encouraged by the governments of the Western nations that had won the military victory. Those governments, especially in the United States, maintained a pretense that they were not the servants of the Bolsheviks’ masters, and, whenever they deemed it expedient to administer a little verbal paregoric to their own population, manufactured oratory about “defending the Free World” and “containing Communism.” Americans, who were so charmed by those phrases that they did not notice what their own government was doing, cannot blame the Romanians (or the others) for having supposed that the official verbiage was an indication of national policy.”

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