1 January, 2022

Racism, Racism, Racism and More Racism! OMG!

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Not only that, but White racism against Blacks is a “health crisis” too! (Maybe if Blacks stopped taking illegal drugs and shooting each other with stolen guns, they’d be healthier?).

Isn’t it odd that, as America becomes less and less racist, the liberals and Jews actually find more racism? How does that happen? [1].

Only weirdos would believe that White racism against Blacks is a “public health crisis.” Does the governor even know the meaning of the word “crisis”? Are Blacks dropping dead every week from White violence? No. (Related: in Minneapolis, George Floyd actually died from fentanyl and severe heart disease; a White cop’s knee didn’t kill him; Floyd was heard on tape saying “I can’t breathe!” before the cops put him on the ground for resisting; Floyd resisted arrest for a whopping 8 minutes! The cops actually gave Floyd some slack).

“Governor Kathy Hochul signed a package of legislation aimed at addressing discrimination and racial injustice. Legislation S.2987-A/A.5679 declares racism a public health crisis.”

[Statement/press release].


[1] White Americans were much more racist in 1965 than today. In fact, how did a Black president (Obama) get elected twice if America is such a racist country?

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