14 January, 2022

Sex Differences in Political Leanings

Posted by Socrates in sex differences, sexism accusations, women, women and 'equality', women as politically/racially worthless, women as safety freaks, women in the workforce, Women Politicians at 1:27 pm | Permanent Link

“[T]he U.C.L.A. Higher Education Research Institute found “the largest-ever gender gap in terms of political leanings: 41.1 percent of women, an all-time high, identified themselves as liberal or far left, compared to 28.9 percent of men.”

Not surprising.

Paraphrasing Alex: “women want a safe society with all of the corners rounded off.” Yep, and they’re willing to create a huge, powerful government in order to make that “safe society” happen. Hence the problem with women being in Congress.


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