8 January, 2022

The Queer Revolution: Homosexuals Are Everywhere Today

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It’s a queer revolution and you’re missing it! So grab your pink combat boots and your lavender sweater! Don’t forget the anal lube and the amyl nitrite. Let’s…goooo! Last one to reach San Francisco is a pervert!

In movies, books, magazines, on the TV — queers are everywhere today while making up only 2% or 3% of the U.S. population.

Newbies, it’s important to note that the pro-homosexual movement is 90% Jewish-led. All of the big queer leaders have been Jews. The godfather of the pro-homosexual movement is, no doubt, the queer Jew, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld (1868–1935) [1][2]. And if you think being a queer is only about “sexual preference,” then you’re cracked. The brains of queers are “wired differently” than the brains of normal people [3].

“NASCAR, the nation’s premiere stock car competition organization featuring the biggest names in auto racing, announced Wednesday that it has partnered with an LGBTQ+ organization to ‘promote diversity, equity, and inclusion training.'”



[1] “Hirschfeld was probably the most influential pervert of the twentieth century, and his legacy is so extensive in the present that I would go so far as to suggest that we are truly living in an age of his design.” — Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

[2] Jews as leaders of the queer movement

[3] Homosexuals are known for, among other things: Being self-centered (“me first, always”); The inability to withstand criticism; Pathological lying; Loving themselves and hating themselves simultaneously; Being yakkity (i.e., habitual aimless, pointless talking); Gossiping and rumor-spreading; Being “attention hogs” (i.e., they love being the center of attention); and Risk-taking.

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