5 January, 2022

The School Problem

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“And the first thing I will say is that the question of educational quality in
America is much more than a question of economics, national prestige, or
children’s safety. It is a question of national survival — and much
more important, of racial survival. Our failure to understand this last
point fully and to make it the basis of America’s educational policy is
at the root of our problems today.

To get back to basics, let’s remind ourselves of the three fundamental
purposes schools have had in traditional European societies. First,
schools pass on a people’s cultural, intellectual, and spiritual
heritage from one generation to the next. By teaching to children the
language, literature, history, and traditions of a people — by teaching
children about their people’s heroes and legends and achievements and
mores — the schools help to assure cultural continuity, among other
things. And they provide a sense of racial and cultural identity. They
enable a child to define himself relative to his people and to the rest
of the world.”


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