27 January, 2022

The Score: Rogan, 1. Liberal Arrogance Over Covid, 0

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Neil Young forgot two things: 1) this isn’t 1980 anymore. His star power has faded a bit [1]. Joe Rogan is way more popular than he is. 2) The public is no longer buying the official Covid-19 baloney, and it’s actually odd that Young (who is supposed to be “anti-establishment” and “hippie counterculture”) buys the establishment baloney about Covid. In the old days, the counterculture hippies didn’t believe anything that the government said. But now they do! Covid: the second political disease (AIDS was the first political disease. Prediction: all future diseases in America will be political diseases because today’s Left politicizes everything).



[1] Young’s 1979 album “Rust Never Sleeps” was very popular

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