28 January, 2022

Thoughts On Liberalism

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(“Liberalism” as used here is synonymous with leftism).

— A liberal has a female brain, even if the liberal is a male.

— A liberal doesn’t “become” a liberal, he’s born one.

— A liberal is holier-than-thou. As mayor, she’ll create a Covid face-mask mandate for the city, and then go out and party at a fancy restaurant maskless. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

— A liberal loves — loves! — to use governmental force as a political and cultural weapon. For example, California law forbids the state from doing any business with another state which “discriminates” against homosexuals and trannies. A liberal is a control freak. “Do what we say, even if you live in another state!”

— A liberal states her opinion as being fact, without any proof, e.g., “most American citizens want stronger gun-control laws!”

— A liberal feels a burning need to seize/hold the “moral high ground” because liberals are insecure “children in adult bodies” who lack self-esteem. So they must “out-do” you and be “better than you” at all times (e.g., they must “care more” about global warming, about the homeless, and they’re compassionate vegetarians, and they love the oppressed minorities, etc. A liberal “cares” much more about public health than you do! A few weeks ago, I saw a liberal proudly declare on her website that she was “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19 — as if she needed to prove to the world that she was conforming to government mandates. As you’ll note below, submission to authority is a good thing if you’re a liberal — unless the authority is Donald Trump! But come to think of it, Trump created the Covid vaccine program called Warp Speed in April 2020. Ironic!).

A liberal must lie, because liberalism itself is a dud. It sucks. Few people think homosexuality, trannyism and higher taxes are good things. So a liberal must spend large amounts of energy lying through his teeth. Indeed, liberals are becoming more and more scared of losing the political power that they once enjoyed circa 1955 (due to them “owning” the labor unions, and dominating Congress, the state governments and the U.S. Supreme Court). Thanks to the internet, it’s getting harder and harder for liberals to hide the fact that liberalism just plain sucks.

— A liberal almost always has an overbearing, feminist mother and a meek, quiet father. In other words, his father was “whupped.” He grows up with a “submission to authority is good” attitude — which is odd considering the old hippie slogan “Question Authority!” But then, liberalism is often contradictory).

— A liberal values submissiveness in everyone, which is why liberals hate masculine men and, concerning Covid-19, hate anti-mask/anti-vaxx people. A masculine man won’t “bend” to liberal mandates. “How dare that Nazi not bend to liberal mandates!”

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