26 January, 2022

Tolerance? Where?

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We have been told for years (by liberals) that “liberals are more tolerant than anybody else.” Oh, really?? I never see that! Ever! Each time I see a liberal say or do something, all I see is intolerance. Look at the Covid-19 mandates, for example. Or look at California, where everything is either mandatory or banned [1].

“Yesterday, (Neil) Young published a since-deleted letter, written to his label and management, saying that he wants his music immediately removed from Spotify because the streaming platform hosts the controversial yet massively popular podcast the Joe Rogan Experience.” (“Since-deleted”? Well, that’s interesting).

Again, we see the difference between a populist (Rogan) and an establishment liberal (Young). Rogan fights for the common man. But Young wouldn’t dare go against the Official Covid-19 Narrative. Now, the “Surgeon General” wants to censor Rogan over the Covid narrative.



[1] there seems to be a direct and universal connection between artistic ability and a lack of common sense. People who are artistic seem to have less common sense (aka “horse sense”) and vice versa. In other words, the one thing (artistic talent, e.g., drawing, painting, singing, acting) seems to cancel out the other thing (common sense). Liberals also rate higher in “affect intensity” (AI), which means that they are more emotional than the average person; a “high AI” person feels more emotion, while a “low AI” person feels less emotion. (We must ask ourselves if having people who are more emotional in the media, Congress and the White House is a good idea…).

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