2 January, 2022

Will the American Russophobes Start WWIII?

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Russophobia (fear of Russia) is a disease. You catch it from Jews. And how ironic: the Jews used to love Russia (back in the early days of the Soviet Union circa 1920). How times change. Powerful Jews — and their gentile flunkeys — in Washington, D.C. fear Russia and so we normal White people are expected to fear Russia, too.

Ever since Joe Stalin’s 1936-1938 “Great Purge” (in which significant numbers of high-ranking Jewish officials were murdered by Stalin), the Jews of the world have feared both Soviet and ex-Soviet officials (Putin is an ex-Soviet KGB official who is no doubt “Jew-wise” and knows of the evil history of the Jews in Russia; indeed, the Soviet Union was built by Jews; Putin knows very well that Jewish OGPU/NKVD officials, such as Genrikh Yagoda, murdered millions of people in Russia from 1917-onward).

“It needs be asked: Precisely what juvenile minds bivouacked in Washington’s Warfare State beehive actually determined that America needs a military alliance with Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Montenegro and now the mini-state of North Macedonia?”


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