5 February, 2022

A Covid Flow Chart?

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(a typical flow chart)

It would be very, very interesting to see a “Covid-19 vaccine order flow chart” for America. All of America.

Who is giving the orders which force employees to “get the Covid ‘vaccine’ or else?” Who? Someone is giving the orders. The vaxx orders don’t just appear out of thin air. Big Powerful Jerk Weinberg tells Less-Powerful Jerk Goldberg who tells Even-Less-Powerful Jerk Silverberg who tells Moderately-Powerful Jerk Cohen to vaccinate everybody in the entire country by Feb. 1, or else. That’s the flow-of-orders.

Who are these powerful jerks? Someone knows who they are. Someone is giving all of America the Covid vaxx marching orders and it ain’t Gomer Pyle. What’s the flow chart? How many people are in the flow chart? 10? Who are they?

“Fired Pharmaceutical Workers Explain Why They Didn’t Get COVID-19 Shots”


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