19 February, 2022


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Two especially bad things about cops: 1) they tend to be “yes-men” (“yes, sir! I’ll do it right away, sir, no matter how stupid it is!”) and 2) they have pensions, and they’ll do anything to keep from getting fired and losing those pensions. So, in Canada, when the boss says “crack some trucker skulls” they do. The fact that the orders are unconstitutional and brutal makes no difference. The fact that Justin Trudeau is another Stalin makes no difference. Logic makes no difference.

I’ve met cops who are decent. But I’ve met more who are power-hungry jerks. (One day, years ago, a cop called me a “racist” when I told him that the person who stole my bicycle was Mexican. But he was a Mexican. I saw him!).

“The obvious answer is that many of those who find jobs in law enforcement seek power over others and permission to abuse that power when the opportunity arises.”

Article: “Why are the police we revere doing the tyrants’ bidding?”


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