13 February, 2022

Exposing The Warmongers

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Now, exactly how is Saddam Hussein defying us? Well, I’ll tell you how. Saddam is saying, “Iraq is our country. It is a sovereign country. It doesn’t belong to the United Nations or to the United States. We’re tired of you people sticking your noses into our business and telling us how to run our country. Get out! Leave us alone! Go away!” And, of course, he’s threatened to shoot down our spy planes if we continue to fly over Iraq without Iraq’s permission.

Pretty intolerable behavior, right? A pretty good reason for us to start another war and bomb Iraq back into the Stone Age, right? (Which America did in 2003). Complete justification for slaughtering a few hundred thousand more Iraqis, right? I mean, what does this guy Saddam think in demanding that we respect the sovereignty of his country? I mean, we’re bigger than he is, and so we don’t have to respect him, right?”


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