20 February, 2022

How to Become an Intellectual

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1. Get a Ph.D. in something stupid — like sociology — from Berkeley.
2. Watch Woody Allen movies.
3. Drink (no, sip) white wine.
4. Eat only vegetables.
5. Drive a Volvo.
6. Subscribe to the magazine “Marxism Today.”
7. Call Donald Trump and his supporters “Nazis.”
8. Read 362 ridiculous books written by other intellectuals.
9. When your neighbor asks you if he can borrow a wrench, ask him in all seriousness, “what’s a wrench?”
10. Worship Noam Chomsky.
11. Watch PBS television every day.
12. Name your children “Fidel” and “Che”
13. Join the Peace Corps.
14. Cry when someone reminds you that Hillary Clinton didn’t become president in 2016.
15. Call Ronald Reagan “a fascist who exploded the federal deficit!” (as if liberals really give a flying crap about the deficit).
16. Use these words/phrases every day: democracy, racism, sexism, Trump, extremist, hate, human rights, homeless, equality, equity, gender, fascism, fairness, inclusiveness, diversity, reproductive rights, speak truth to power, tolerance, disadvantaged youth, White privilege, undocumented workers, carbon footprint, economic justice, affordable housing, global warming/climate change.


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