9 February, 2022

On Apologizing and Joe Rogan

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Old saying, newbies: “Never apologize. It’s a sign of weakness.” It’s a sign that you don’t stand up for your beliefs and your convictions. Never say “I’m sorry.” Say “buzz off, don’t care.”

A fellow WN once apologized to me when I caught him listening to Jimi Hendrix in his car. I was very surprised that he apologized — he seemed like a rock, not a wimp — and I said, “why are you apologizing for your musical tastes? I actually like his first album” (titled “Are You Experienced?” [1967]). I wouldn’t ever apologize for that, even though some people will blast me for saying that I also like Hendrix’s music (repeat: his music. Not him. He was a negro and a druggie. But I like his guitar sound). I’ve been roasted for liking Frank Zappa. Sue me. Don’t care. Eclectic tastes.

“Joe caved to the pressure. His self-image and basic decency was cynically used against him to get that apology for being a successful white guy who doesn’t know his subordinate place in the new order.

This is both a strategical and tactical error on his part that will hurt him more than Peterson sees here. Because they won’t stop until he’s destroyed, now that he’s given them something to throw at him. They know his weakness now.”


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