19 February, 2022

Schools Are Hiding Things From Parents

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If you have kids, there’s only one solution: homeschool them. It takes only 1 hour per day if done correctly. Stick with only the basics: reading, math, spelling, geography, etc. Get good books and a small blackboard. Contact homeschooling experts if needed. (Also, you must teach by rote: over and over and over. Repeat, repeat, repeat).

“A Catholic school board in Canada will ask students to self-certify their gender identity and provide other private information in a school-wide survey kept hidden from parents. The Waterloo (Ontario) Catholic District School Board (WCDSB), which made headlines for flying an LGBTQ pride flag outside its headquarters last year, announced the launch of its “School Climate Survey” for children in grades 4 through 12 on its website.” (The very idea that a 4-grader has a “gender identity”! Holy crap! Teacher: “Tommy, what’s your gender identity?” Tommy: “Go pound sand, faggot!” Atta boy, Tommy!).

Article: “Catholic school board asks young kids to select gender identity in survey hidden from parents”


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