11 February, 2022

The Death of White Philosophy

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The bad thing about philosophy is that you really can think too much. You can “over-think” something. Over-analyze it and you end up going down a rabbit hole. Chasing your tail. You end up nowhere, in some dark forest, tired, hungry, confused and alone. (How’s that for poetry? Heh-heh. Sounds sophisticated, ehh?).

As for old vs. new, old is always better. It’s tried and true.

“For anyone of even a mildly conservative tendency, philosophy is a part of the old world, wise and challenging and worthy of respect. For the intellectually negligible ideologues who now effectively run Western academia, philosophy is also a part of the old world, but one to be swept away just as Mao’s Cultural Revolution was designed to destroy much of China’s cultural heritage in order to rid the empire of the ‘Four Olds’: old customs, old culture, old habits, old ideas. In quite another context, Nietzsche writes in Schopenhauer as Educator: “I believe in all seriousness that it is to the state’s advantage to have nothing further to do with philosophy.”


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